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"Damas 2" apartment

A quiet and cozy flat, with an amazing wide view over the city. For medium / long term rent to a single person or a couple.

This is our house, but it can be yours too!

  What you don't need to worry about:

• Internet: You can use our Wideband Wireless internet connection without limits.
  Just bring the Computer/Tablet/Smartphone.

• Television: 130 channels (mainly international). In case you dont know, all international series and movies in Portugal are subtitled, not dubbed.

• Air Conditioner: because Lisbon can be sometimes very HOT.

• Laundry: There is a machine to wash it and a place to dry it.

• Textile: We provide the sheets, blankets, towels, etc.

• Cooking: You can find a stove & oven, cooking hardware, dishes, salt, some spices, etc.

• Cleaning: For long term rentals, we provide basic cleaning once a month for maintenance

• Extra expenses: The basic expenses are included, like: Gas, Water, Cleaning, Internet, Cable TV and
   the electricity fee*.
   In this case, you just pay the Kwh you use. That can be easily monitorized by the electricity counter.

• Airport: Sometimes,the taxi or other public transport experience can be the wrong way for a City to
   welcome their new visitors. We can pick you at the airport if you want (it's just 10 min from here)

  What you need to worry about:
• We just ask you for some quietness after the sun goes down!
Please use our email for booking or to get some extra information: 

Really urgent? Telephone / WhatsApp:
  Available for long** term rentals
Currently Unavailable

**6 months or more